About us

Postera is a Danish online shop that sells high-quality posters and frames.

We offer a wide selection of posters – everything from famous art, nature, and fashion to our exclusive collections only available for purchase on our website. We believe that quality makes the difference – everything must be thought through, even the smallest of details.

Our posters
Are printed on 250 g photo paper with a satin finish and PE film on both sides as this type of paper has excellent color rendering and is also FSC®-certified.

Our frames
Are handmade in Denmark. All details are carefully chosen with our talented frame supplier that has a great deal of experience in the field. To remain true to our concept, we have decided to use real glass.

Our packaging
Has been designed and developed with perfectionism in mind. The packaging protects the products and the environment. For this reason, they are made of 100% recyclable material and FSC®-certified paper.

Of course, the above-mentioned only serves one purpose – to satisfy our customers when they receive an excellent, high-quality product.